Mr. Linaugh joined Hayden Real Estate Investments, LLC in March 2006 and oversees all legal and financial functions including accounting services, financial reporting, taxes, and budgeting while acting as a liaison with the consortium of lending institutions that the Company deals with.

Prior to joining Hayden, Mr. Linaugh spent six years as Chief Financial Officer for eMoney Advisors, where he was responsible for all financial, legal, and administrative functions of the start-up software development company. Before joining eMoney Advisors, Mr. Linaugh was Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer with Pierce Leahy Corporation for more than ten years. Prior to joining Pierce Leahy, Mr. Linaugh served in senior management and executive positions ranging from Controller to Chief Financial Officer with multiple real estate and technology firms beginning in 1975. Mr. Linaugh is a licensed Certified Public Accountant and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Mr. Linaugh is a graduate of LaSalle University (1971) with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

- 38 years in financial management
- CFO for Hayden Real Estate Investments, eMoney Advisor, and Pierce Leahy Corp., a nationwide
records storage company
- CPA; BA, La Salle University