How do I submit a maintenance service request?

There are several ways for tenants to submit maintenance service requests: By a phone call to your Building Manger, By Email to your Building Manager or through this Website by clicking on Request Maintenance!  In all events, please be sure to include your company name, suite number, and the specifics of the maintenance issue.

If it is a life safety issue, smell of gas, major water intrusion or other emergency, please call your Building Manager immediately or call 9-1-1, if necessary.

Who is responsible for the costs of maintenance requests?

In some cases the costs associated with maintenance are borne by the tenant and in other cases the Landlord. The responsibility is dependent on the Lease type, structure and the nature of the maintenance request. Please be sure to review your Lease and your Building Manager can assist you in understanding your obligations.

Where should I mail or drop off my rent payment?

All rent should be mailed or delivered to the management company’s primary office located at 300 Barr Harbor Drive, Suite 750, West Conshohocken, PA  19428.  Rent can also be paid by ACH or through this Website by clicking on Pay On-line! Please always be sure to make your rental payment to the proper entity listed in your Lease and note your address on the payment.  Thank you!

Can I make changes or alterations to my space?

The answer is usually Yes so long as you check with and get approval from Building Management.  Please consult with us! Your Lease will outline what steps need to be taken and who is responsible for the costs associated from changes.

When can I expect to receive the results of the annual operating expense reconciliation?

While operating expense reconciliations vary based on specific lease terms, operating expense reconciliations are generally completed by March or April  of the following year and tenants will be notified of the results at that time.  For example, an expense reconciliation for calendar year 2013, will generally be completed by March of 2014.  Again, tenants’ leases are specific to the building location and lease type, so please review your lease in detail.

Are pets allowed in the building?

As a general rule, only seeing eye dogs or other service animals are permitted in your suite and the building.

What are my building’s hours of operation?

While building hours may differ from location to location, as a general rule your buildings hours of operation will coincide with the normal business working hours, including limited Saturday hours.  Please be sure to consult with your Building Manager if you or your employees require evening or weekend access.  Such access can be arranged and typically requires override of the buildings HVAC system, which may result in additional charges.