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Pursuing A Greener World

We’ve made a commitment to operate in a sustainable way.


We recognize that the built environment impacts our communities and the people that work in our buildings. That’s why we’ve made a commitment to operate in a sustainable way. We are committed to the health and wellbeing of our building occupants and in reducing the carbon footprint of our buildings through sustainable practices.

Throughout the Maguire Hayden organization, we are pursuing a greener world.

Health & Wellness

We’ve implemented practices to minimize the spread of germs through enhanced air filtration, increased air exchanges, installing self-cleaning solutions for high touch areas, and the use of cleaning products that disinfect.

Energy Management

We carefully manage the energy consumption in our buildings through the use of energy efficient lighting, reflective roofs, and effective control systems. Routine maintenance and monitoring ensure tenant comfort while prolonging equipment lifecycles.

Water Management

Our buildings minimize water usage by using automated flushers and dispensers, low-flow toilets, and routine maintenance to ensure that the plumbing systems are working as designed.

Waste Management

Our buildings offer recycling programs to encourage the proper separation and disposal of plastic, paper and glass materials. We also arrange routine pickups of obsolete computer, copier and electronic equipment, and ensure proper disposal of building materials from construction and demolition activity.

Cleaning and Pest Management

Our janitorial and pest control service partners uphold green standards by using treatments that are both environmentally and human friendly. Our goal is to accomplish this without any added expense or loss of quality.

Construction Practices

Our standard construction practices put an emphasis on conservation, reuse and resiliency. We use LED lighting and motion sensors, low VOC paints, low maintenance flooring systems, and water conserving fixtures as a standard. We work to minimize trash going to the landfill through thoughtful space design and construction.